Worship Band in Hand – New Mobile App

Josh Pauley —  June 3, 2013

Worship Band in Hand   New Mobile App

This is a paid advertorial written by Worship Band in Hand. Worship Together is not associated with the mobile app or the creators.

Worship Band in Hand is a mobile app that can take your worship team to the next level. If your worship team is missing a drummer, electric guitar player, or any other instrument, Band in Hand’s band tracks give your team a chance to use just the instruments it needs and mute the rest. All band tracks are professionally recorded using top-notch musicians in first class studios. They’ll always sound incredible and make your band sound more powerful.

Worship Band in Hand is also great for practice. You can mute all tracks but one to focus on a new part to learn or mute just one instrument and play along with a full band.

As you practice, set up a setlist and get your mixes just right by changing volume levels of the band tracks and changing the key of the songs to fit your voice. Then, when you come back to perform live, the setlist will remember all of your mix settings from practice, automatically!

The app is a free app for mobile devices, and it’s very easy to get setup. You can buy the songs you want from the website. Then, sign into your account through the mobile app, and all of your purchased songs show up instantly. And, just for Worship Together readers, use the discount code “WTC10OFF” to receive 10% off your entire order. This discount code will only be available for a limited time, so hurry. Check out Worship Band in Hand, now!

You can preview the app by watching this video

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