A Walk One Winter Night

Jimi Williams —  December 12, 2013

A Walk One Winter Night

What started as a simple, late night stroll to clear his head from the hassles of the season turned into something that can only be described as…real. The new Christmas story by Al Andrews is a wonderful insight into the real story of Christmas. Beyond the shopping, the ornaments and plastic portrayals of the baby Jesus, Al uncovers the real Jesus, Joseph and Mary behind the facade.

“A Walk One Winter Night” started as an invitation from Dave Barnes for Al to share a Christmas story at Dave’s Christmas concert. There was such an overwhelming response to the story that Worthy Publishing decided to turn it into a book.

For those outside the Christian music community, Al is a treasure to us. Director of The Porter’s Call ministry, Al provides free counseling and support to Christian artists, writers and creative folks in the Nashville area. Al has inspired us all for years as a lighthearted, fun, thoughtful and merciful friend. We could not be happier for Al and the opportunities this will provide him.

So when you purchase “A Walk One Winter Night”, you not only will get a wonderful story for your family to share, but you will lock arms with Al as he ministers to our creative community. Also, be sure to check out “Real” – the beautiful new song from Nichole Nordeman inspired by the book.

Jimi Williams

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Jimi is VP of Worship Resources for Capitol CMG Publishing, overseeing all Worship Together initiatives and resources. He also leads worship at his home church and at various events and conferences.