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David Gutekunst —  September 21, 2010

The Blue Yeti USB Mic   Tech Cafe
This is a new favorite of ours and should be for any songwriter, musician, podcaster or videographer. Right out of the box we were very impressed with the construction and stand for the Yeti. It is extremely solid and looks amazing. There are more tools on the Yeti than are on Blue’s well loved USB Snowball. It boasts new functions and sound capabilities.

To start the Yeti is a multi-pattern USB microphone. It combines 3 capsules and four switchable pattern settings which make it useful for recording in stereo, recording a single vocal or instrument or capturing an entire room of sound. There is a built-in headphone amplifier which provides zero-latency monitoring and volume control for monitoring purposes. There is also an instant mute which is useful during playback or if you are using monitors other than headphones. Another new feature is the microphone gain on the back of Yeti. This gives the Yeti a flexible gain structure. It works like a microphone preamp rather than forcing you to adjust it with software. Having headphone controls and mic gain controls make the Yeti work like an audio interface for your computer.

There is one major similarity to the Snowball, there are no drivers to install! Simply plug the Yeti into your PC or Mac, load up your favorite recording software, and start recording. Right away Garageband loaded the Yeti and we were setup to record and play back. One of the best parts of this mic is it lists for only $150. Even better than that is that we’ve got it in our Amazon store for only $100.98, which is so low you’ve got to add it to your cart to see the price. There is no better deal in recording. The Yeti is an amazing recording tool!

Be sure to checkout our video review in the Tech Cafe – then grab a Yeti for a $100.98 before they’re gone at this price!

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