Song Starters

Song Starters

What Is A Song Starter?

Song Starters are a brand new FREE resource from Worship Together. These concise videos are a creative way to introduce or setup a new song in your worship service. Song Starters help to communicate the context of song. The writer conveys a devotional thought to set the song up as they would to their own church community.

How Do I Get One?

As mentioned above, these videos are FREE – we just ask that you help us get the word out with a post to Facebook or Twitter via the buttons below. Once you’ve done that the links to download each Song Starter will be revealed. Right now you can download Song Starters for “Here’s My Heart” from Louie Giglio, ”Christ Is Enough” from Reuben Morgan, “God Of Brilliant Lights” from Aaron Shust, and “Anchor” from Ben Fielding.

How Do I Use Them?

Simply download the video files, import it to your presentation software and queue it up to play. There’s no music bed in the Song Starters so your team can begin to play before or during the video to create a seamless transition into the song.

We Want Your Feedback

The Worship Together team has used Song Starters in our own churches over the past few months. They have enriched our worship services and provided unique transitions between songs. We want to hear how the impact your church as well. Please let us know how it goes in the comments section below!

Download the FREE Song Starters by Helping Us Spread the Word on Facebook and Twitter

101 responses to Song Starters

  1. How are you people getting to the videos?

  2. Thank you, this is helpful for me as someone who likes to avoid “fluffy” things being said in the beginning. But these videos are helpful in that they are examples of how to call the congregation to worship – with truth.

  3. Thank You so much! Love the new song Starter for beginning or continuing in song for our worship to our Heavenly Father!!!

  4. Great resource! thanks!

  5. Hi, I tried sharing the link on twitter three times from both google chrome and safari web browsers and my page did not refresh, nor did I see any screenshots of any videos. Please help. I would love to use these at my church.

  6. I downloaded the songstarter for “Here’s my heart” and it doesn’t work. I am running a windows 7 system, and so does my church. It tells me the file type won’t play. I also tried to play it in our presentation software and it doesn’t play. Any help?

  7. I tried downloading these but when I try playing them it says ‘can’t play because this file is corrupt or not valid. Any ideas? I think the resource is a great idea but is looks like quite a few people are having problems playing them. It needs to be simple to use if we are going to use it in church. Thank you

    • Hey Karen, a lot of people are having luck using VLC. Unfortunately if you are trying to play these in Windows Media Player they probably won’t work. It only supports a handful of video formats, most of which aren’t any good.

  8. I can usually figure this stuff out…but the only zip file I can download is the None of the others give me the option to download. I tried reloading the page too.

  9. Hello! I just shared about the song starters on Twitter, using the Twitter button above, but I haven’t received anything that allows me to download the videos. I would appreciate any help you could give me!

    • The page should have refreshed and show four screenshots. One for each video. If you click on those it will download the Song Starter for that song.

      • I got the 4 screenshots, but there are no links on any of them – can’t download any of the starters – have shared on Facebook & Google+ too
        Oh, & not really crazy about being forced to like & share something I haven’t even had the opportunity to try myself – feels dishonest & annoying to me.

  10. I shared via Twitter, downloaded a few but it says they are not supported files?

  11. I love these. I watch the New Song Cafe videos to hear the heart/scripture behind the songs and it always helps me when I introduce them. I agree with Jeff’s idea about an introduction from the author (his example was pretty spot on) but also agree that the name and an identifying comment in the lower corner would suffice. Obviously we as worship leaders could set up the video by saying who they are so that’s not a huge deal. Thanks for putting these together!

  12. Thanks, they downloaded and worked.

  13. Thanks for creating these, I haven’t looked at them yet, but I want to respond to all those who are reluctant to use social media. I was too, then had an unchurched acquaintance share pictures of an event via facebook and if I wanted to see the pics I had to join. I was amazed to see how many of the people in my church popped up as “you may know this person” on FB. That was two years ago and it’s become a primary method of communication with my people, young as well as old. My 80 year old mother is “grandma” to many of our young parents and it’s how they prefer to discuss things with her. Just about every day I see her FB chat window open and she’s discussing child rearing issues with a 20 something mom or dad. FB is what you choose to make it. I will say there is much they post that makes me sad, but it definitely gives me insight into what people are doing between Sunday’s … I know when a teen has a new boyfriend, I know when one of them isn’t feeling well, or yes, when they partied too much and have a hangover, but is that something they would be likely to call the pastor and say? I think Jesus would have been on FB, and twitter, probably making the Pharisees even angrier by talking to the obvious sinners.

  14. Sounds like a good idea – but no buttons for sharing on FB show up on my Mac w/ Safari — looks like your web guys have some more work to do?? Cheers…

    • Hey Donn, thanks for the heads-up. We just checked and we can’t seem to recreate the issue. We are able to post to Facebook via Safari on the Song Starters page. It could be your browser blocking javascript.

  15. Great idea. Can’t wait to hear them.

  16. Patrick Schibly August 23, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Great job but I would have to agree with Jeff. For example, the few things I know about Aaron Shust came from your worship leader profile. So I would probably be the only one with any clue what this was about if I used this next Sunday. It would be great to have an intro of the artist and mention of the song at the beginning of the song starter. We often miss the spiritual foundation of these songs and the background of each song unless one has time to research the artist and listen to New Song Cafe. This is a way of bringing that all together in the context of our worship service…thanks again!

  17. I love this idea for introducing songs. I agree with one of the comments that the song writer’s should introduce themselves, as most of our congregation are not familiar with these names, even if we sing some of their songs (With the credits on the slides).

    Please provide a way of accessing these without Facebook / Twitter etc. I have no intention of using these social media tools as I would rather spend my limited time on communicating with my family, close friends and God rather than with every remote acquantance!

    Keep up the good work!

    • This was my point almost a week ago, but sadly it seems that those who choose not to involve themselves with social media websites are being excluded from more and more. We would expect this from secular corners, but from a professing Christian organisation? Similarly, comments like, “Jesus would have been on FB,” I find deeply offensive. I never attempted to condemn FB or Twitter, but for reasons relating to their own personal faith many Christians choose not to partake in activities such as drinking alcohol, working on the Sabbath, and so on; personally I put FB and Twitter among those choices.

      Of course, I will continue to enjoy and appreciate all the other resources which you continue producing. Sorry if I sound ungrateful or “out of touch”, but I am deeply saddened by this policy. Could someone at WorshipTogether please confirm that this policy of requiring members to be actively involved in these social media websites is reflective of things to come or is it being discussed?

  18. I can’t get them to play in Media Player. Is there another program I should be using?


  19. Thank you for your music! We need to be good shepherds.Have you ever had a bad Doctor or a Nurse? We need to be good Doctors “shepherds” to our patients.Lets be the light in the darkness.

  20. Thanks for these. Good start to the idea. I’d love to see you do intros to songs that have been around a couple of years, in addition to the ones just coming out this week, relatively speaking. It’s quite likely that some of us are still trying to work in “new” songs from Passion 2011 and 2012 into our church’s worship vocabulary, and these intros could help with that :)

    I echo the sentiment that the folks talking about the songs do need to introduce themselves. It would take approximately 5 seconds, and would make the introductions stand with much more authority and clarity. Or better yet – don’t show who’s speaking, but show us some visuals instead?

    If the songs are born directly out of scripture, it would be really cool to share which passage – visually. I’ve seen what sort of visuals the good folks at PCC can create for any given weekend service, and it’s beyond what most of us can manage… share that sort of thing, please? It would be such a blessing!!

  21. Hi! I have shared this on FB, but the download links won’t appear… Have I done something wrong maybe…?

  22. Seems like a good idea but there is no way I am going to share something before I have a chance to watch it. Maybe it could be a free download if you share it, but not a free view only if you share it.

  23. I shared on twitter, but still see no button to download. What am I doing wrong?

  24. I also shared the link on Twitter and no download links have appeared!!!

  25. Hi – I Tweeted about the song starters but the links to download did not appear….

  26. Downloaded the videos. Was a bit disappointed because it is meant to be a video! I expected the songwriters to be on a video – actually moving and speaking rather than just looking at a photo of them and listening to an audio recording of their message. Did the video download properly, or am I missing something?

    The idea itself is sound, but needs to be a video of the songwriter actually speaking to camera to make it more visually appealing and engaging. Also saying who the songwriter is as well as the title of the song, and even maybe the band they play in would help the congregation put things in context better.

    • Hey Matt, sounds like there was an issue with your video. You should be able to go back to the page and download them again. If it downloads correctly you will see the songwriter in a video setting up the song like they would set up the song in their worship service. It shouldn’t just be a picture of them.

  27. An example of how a good idea can be sunk by poor promotion. I’m not about to share anything with my friends that I haven’t seen first. Commercialism has struck and for me has tainted the relationship that I have with Worship Together. The low key, we are a commercial organisation, but we are all worshipper’s and we are here to offer you a service that will enhance your worshippers has been sunk.

  28. It is a very good idea this project will be a blessing for my life and for my chuch may God bless you in all i like very much Worship Together

  29. Super awesome!
    My church is just about to introduce Christ is Enough this Sunday,
    and this is just what I needed! =)
    Worship Together has truly been a HUMONGOUS help our church
    worship team!
    God bless all of you who run this site!

  30. Joam R. Fajardo August 21, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    Thanks! These are great!

  31. mark van Geyzel August 21, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    I don’t wish to sound mean, but there are a lot of complaining comments here, and that should not be the case. I clicked the Facebook link and got the downloads and saved them and watched them. While I don’t tend to introduce songs in church like this, I would love to use this with our team as it would really help them to get to know the heart intent of the author. I am personally happy that there is no music as it leaves the musical keys to us. I’m MOST pleased that you added a couple of Aussies (guess where I’m from – LOL)

    It’s a FREE resource, and I am grateful for it. Thanks guys,

  32. I did what you told me to do, like it on FB and was able to watch them…..they’re great! Now I want to show the other staff and I can’t get it to upload again…ugh!

    • Dont try to send them using your email use dropbox are copy and paste the downloaded files to a flash drive and then take them to your staff. hope this helps.

  33. I’d love to check these out, but I certainly have no intention of getting involved with social media websites; there is precious little time to do God’s work as it is! I’m sure that these websites can be used effectively as part of out reach work, and that may well be a ministry which some are called to. However, it is very different from leading worship. Are you seriously saying that worship leaders need to join Facebook or Twitter in order to enhance worship within their churches?

    • Unfortunately, the only way to download these right now is to share via Facebook and Twitter. However, you can most definitely enhance worship in your church without being on Facebook or Twitter.

      • I agree with Colin, I also don’t have facebook or twitter and don’t want to start it. We shouldn’t be penalized for not joining in what most other people do! You can be social (research shows, even more so) by face-to-face contact. No way around the facebook/twitter precondition? Really?

    • wow, you seem like a real laid back kinda guy!

  34. Suellen Jennings August 21, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Um, these sound wonderful, Where are they?

  35. I think these are a great idea, but they fall short of anything that I would really be able to use for my church. Let me say it again, I think these are a great idea!

    Here are a couple of suggestions that I would offer:

    1. No one in my church has any idea who these people are, so I think it would be helpful to have a quick introduction… something like, “Hi. I’m Louie Giglio. I’m a Pastor at a church in Atlanta and one of the writers of the song “Here’s My Heart”.” I think this could help to answer why I am playing the video and draw the connection of why this random guy is talking about it instead of me.

    2. I love the images that are on the download link. I was disappointed that those images were not found anywhere on the Song Starters themselves. I think that it could be really helpful to include that background image with the text and a matching one without the text for projecting the lyrics over. That could be really helpful for having a sense of coherency.

    Thanks for putting these together. I love what the writers have to say, and I personally love to hear their heart for the songs, but I’m a worship leader who is able to recognize these artists immediately. My congregation is nowhere near that level of familiarity. I wish that I could use these clips, but I think they would be more unhelpful than helpful in my situation.

    • Really good ideas! We did think about putting the names of the people doing the introductions but then we thought it may be distracting and didn’t want to create another obstacle for the worship leader. So you wouldn’t mind if the name of the person was on the video, maybe down in the corner? We hadn’t thought about including the background image but we can consider it. Maybe something we add down the road. It’s great to know that someone likes those since I design each one!

      • I love these and this is a great idea. These video clips will be helpful. I agree with Josh’s comments. All I want is more.

    • I would make the first 5-8 seconds of the video be the image of the download link, maybe include under the composer name that they wrote it. That way you get the info out there quickly before they start talking about the song and it wouldn’t be a distraction during the actual explanation.

    • I think these are both excellent ideas,

      I was also surprised that there was no introduction of who it was in the video or what the song was that was being introduced. I think that a short introduction would enhance it, not create a distraction. The average church goer isn’t going to know who is talking, much less that they wrote the song.

      I that this will become even more crucial if you continue to produce more videos like this. Soon you will have a situation like “Indescribable” and everyone will be thinking “Why is that woman up there talking, Chris Tomlin wrote the song?!”.

      Having to introduce the video that introduces the song I think would create a distraction.

      I really like the idea though and look forward to seeing more. I have often quoted what the writers have said in the Newsong Cafe videos.

      And great idea Jeff about including a blank slide with the same background for projecting lyrics over. I don’t think I would have thought of that.

  36. Sounds awesome.

  37. Dave Helmuth (@adlib247) August 21, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing them. This would also be a great model for churches to make their own with some of the folks “in the pews” speaking on them!

  38. Thanks….these are great!

  39. Cameron Watford August 21, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Excellent resource! Thank you for these and for making them available free! I can only use one in our context so far but I look forward to look forward to seeing what others you’re able to add in the future. God bless you.

  40. I downloaded the song starters, but when I click to play them I get a form asking for my name, email, and serial number. What serial number? It doesn’t say for what program or app – can you help me out here?!

  41. I can’t work out how I can download the Song Starters. Is there a button somewhere on this page that I’m overlooking?

  42. William Beverly August 21, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    I suspect these would be great – if I could figure out how to download. There appears to be no clear method on how to do this. What am I missing?

  43. I believe these have great potential. I have used the content of the videos I have watched as a way to introduce the song to the congregation. This new method will allow the artist to speak directly to them.

  44. Smart way of advertising. After “Liking” on FB and Twitter. I finally got the DL and was very disappointed. I really don’t need Aaron Shust or someone else to explain why they wrote the song. No music!!! As I said, very smart way of advertising yourself. I’m glad you said it was free because that’s about all it’s worth…

    • Thanks for the feedback Frank. How can we make them better and more useful for you? We intentionally left the music out because it would lock people into playing in a specific key and we thought most bands would rather just play the music intro under this on their own. Maybe that isn’t the case…

    • Actually, I’m disappointed about what you said about these song starters. When reading what you said about “not need[ing] Aaron Shust or someone else to explain why they wrote the song”, I picked up spirits of pride and anger. I am saying this out of humility and love b/c “there go I without the grace of God”. I’ve been where you’ve been and I would encourage you to seek God and let Him change your heart. As worship leaders, we need to experience God’s presence as we worship Him. We need to read His Word to get to know Him better. From that, we are responsible to God to lead others into His presence as they worship Him. There is nothing else that compares to His presence. I love you, Frank, and I’ll be praying for you.

  45. Do I really have to deal with Facebook or Twitter to see these? I would love to evaluate how they work but have found no other way to view them. I really am uninterested in any involvement with social media – and, no, I am not some type of Luddite. I just don’t believe these serve us well.

  46. I’ve used the tweet link to post a tweet but I still can’t see the downloads. Nor do I see a facebook link.

    • Are you sure the tweet posted? What’s your Twitter username?

      • @RodNaugler is my twitter name. I can see the post on my profile.

        • Well, after no response, I have deleted the post in my profile. It seems that there are some html/javascript errors on your post which are preventing me from seeing the google+ and facebook links as well as not registering my twitter post. Hopefully this is something that will be fixed in the future.

  47. I also could not get it to play, when I downloaded it went into media player & then would not play. This is the message I got: Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

  48. Looking forward to seeing how these can enhance our worship ministry

  49. Looking forward to see how these can enhance our worship ministry!

  50. I downloaded the videos, unzipped the files…but I still cannot get them to play on my computer.
    I am really anxious to see them.

  51. I was unable to open on the format that this is on. Any other options?

  52. Although we are a german church and only a third of our worship is in english we so much appreciate the ministry of worship together. It has become a very substantial tool to develop the worship in our church. Thank you

    Rolf Schild
    “Fathershouse Fellowship” – Fritzlar/Germany

  53. First, thanks for providing this tool for worship. I pray God blesses it immensely.

    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding things a bit but, it seems as if I need to promote the Song Starters on FB, Twitter, etc., before I actually view them and decide whether I would use them in worship and therefore want to recommend them to folks. Pardon me if I’m misunderstanding. Is there a way to view a sample that I’ve overlooked?

    • You are able to change the message for Facebook or Twitter to whatever you’d like, if you don’t want to endorse them without seeing them first. The share is meant to be a way of saying “Thanks” for the free resource. With that said, what’s not to like about Louie Giglio, Aaron Shust, Reuben Morgan, and Ben Fielding introducing a song to your church for you? We hope you like them, if not let us know what would make them better!

  54. I love the idea, but where are they – I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find the song starters.

  55. these are awesome! thanks!

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