The Importance of Rest

Liz Parker —  November 26, 2013

This week many of you will gather with family to celebrate all that God has blessed you with. You will sit around a table full of food, give thanks and break bread together with those you love. And, when the tryptophan-induced coma kicks in, I’d imagine you will…rest…

Rest is a concept that seems extremely unfamiliar for worship leaders and other church leaders during this time of year as we prepare for the Advent season. The rehearsals 3-4 times per week for the 3-4 Christmas Eve services the church offers, organizing the special music, the kids choir, the dance team, the skits, the video specials…well, it can leave you feeling drained and weary. And, while many of us would like to just put on the most fantastically comfortable pair of pjs, crawl under our covers and sleep for the next 2 months, we just don’t have that luxury!

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Mercy Tree

Jimi Williams —  November 14, 2013

Telling the story of Christ’s death and resurrection is a fundamental part of worship. Yes, we worship our magnificent God and all His attributes. However, the true nature of God, His justice and mercy, is never seen more clearly than through the cross. May we never loose the wonder of the cross and grow weary of telling the wonderful story of how God became a man, died in innocence on a cross for our sins, and rose again to deliver us from the chains of death.

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Sarah Hart —  November 7, 2013

Three days after Halloween this year, I went shopping at Target, just for a few half-off skeletons and light-up pumpkins at 75% off…though by next year I’ll probably forget where I put them. Anyhow, the Christmas decorations were up already, and I overheard the lament of someone an aisle over; “CHRISTMAS! Come on, I hate this! It’s not even Thanksgiving!” I feel like I’ve heard that lament a lot recently. I even noticed that Nordstrom’s had a special advertisement this year that, in the “spirit of the holidays”, Christmas decorations would not be put up until after Thanksgiving.

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Jimi Williams —  October 31, 2013

Recently, I’ve heard a lot of talk about platforms and movements. We see it often in the entertainment business, sports and politics. It’s Hollywood stars hanging out with the “right people”. It’s associating with the “right brands”. In politics, a platform can be a public office (Congress), an organization (Rainbow Push Coalition or Tea Party), or a cause. Sometimes a family name can be a platform. Being a Kennedy will open quite a few doors regardless of whether you are a genius or intellectually challenged.

“Leveraging a platform” means using an association with a personality, movement or organization to raise one’s own public persona. Often a platform makes an individual, who is not well known, an industry leader and public figure. We’ve seen this with people like Steve Jobs (Apple) and Yahoo’s Melissa Mayer…

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A few months ago we talked about how to choose songs for your setlist. Now we have five more things to consider when planning your worship set:


Not every church gathering is going to have a theme or even a subject focus. Many pastors I’ve served under are still forming their sermons on Thursday for the coming Sunday. However, if you do have a theme, it’s powerful to plan songs with the same theme to create touch points with the sermon. For example, if the sermon is on grace, at least a couple of songs with a grace theme, like “Your Grace Is Enough”, will help connect worship to the teaching. You can search for songs by theme at

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Perimeter Church in Johns Creek, GA (North Atlanta)

What are your roles and responsibilities in your church?

I oversee our main auditorium, one of three venues on our campus, This includes both leading worship as well as training and equipping volunteers and developing worship services. I also lead a weekly women’s bible study…

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Worship and Missions

Jimi Williams —  October 11, 2013

One Sunday after our morning rehearsal I was approached by a man who looked in his 40′s. I could tell by his dress (and smell!) that he had walked in off the street and was probably looking for some money. Since the service was about to begin, I asked if he would mind staying through the service. After which, I would try and find him some help.

My first impulse was to search out our pastor who was over benevolence. I figured that would be the easiest way of getting him help and relieving me from the responsibility. Of course, I couldn’t find the pastor anywhere…

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Church Gear Swiping

Jimi Williams —  October 9, 2013

Dear church music gear swiper,

This is a plea. I am calling on your sense of kindness and compassion. Please stop swiping gear from different worship venues without letting someone know or bringing the item back once you are done.

When I was rehearsing for worship last Wednesday night I realized that the monitors weren’t working, so I went to the soundboard to investigate. I noticed you had swiped 2 cables that connected the soundboard to the monitor sends on the snake.

I corralled one of the students who helps out with sound and blamed him for the swipe. He assured me that it was you and he went and swiped the 2 cables back that I needed from where you left them!

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Worship Band Rotation

David Gutekunst —  October 4, 2013

Have you ever had your pastor or a church leader approach you after a service asking why you have the same people up there every week? Little do they know, the reason everything has been flowing so well lately is because the band finally starting to gel. We all know that leading becomes a whole lot easier when your band knows what it means when you are stomping your foot for a build or throwing your guitar neck up to signal the end of a song.

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I was chatting with a friend who is a worship leader the other day and he was telling me about a guy at his church that approached him about helping out in worship. My friend informed him that there was a pretty big rotation of musicians for Sunday morning, but that the church could really use some help at a small recovery ministry that met on Friday evenings.

After spending a day “praying about it”, the guy told my friend that he would not be able to do the Friday ministry and emphasized that he really wanted to play on Sunday morning.

You’ve probably had similar experiences. There’s the musician in your church that is certain that if he/she could only play with the band, their playing would certainly take worship to a whole new level!

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