Mighty Fortress by Aaron Shust

Josh Pauley —  August 6, 2013

Mighty Fortress by Aaron Shust


Aaron began writing Mighty Fortress two days before his youngest son was born. He had read through the verses that talk about fixing our eyes on Jesus and our hearts and minds on the things above. As he read he thought he wanted to write a song inspired by these verses but wanted to put a bit of a twist on them. He wanted to write about the things that God will not do.

Two days after beginning Mighty Fortress, his son was born with Down Syndrome, a major heart defect, and profoundly deaf in one ear and severely deaf in the other. It was a devastating day for his family. Their world had been rocked.

Through all of this they knew that God was in control and had a plan. The future they had seen for themselves and changed drastically in moments but they held on to the knowledge that God had a purpose even if they couldn’t understand it.

It was the lyrics to Mighty Fortress that Aaron had written just a couple of days earlier that he was able to rely on as he prayed and tried to see God in their circumstances. Through those first days of their journey with their newborn son the song became very important to Aaron.

He spent a lot of time working through the chorus over and over, tweaking it, rearranging it. Whatever he could do, trying to find something that worked. Eventually he decided to enlist the help of Paul Baloche to finish out the song and put it on his recent album, Morning Rises.

We hope this song encourages you and serves as a reminder about the faithfulness and enduring love of God.

A mighty fortress is our God
A tower of Strength never-failing
The name of Jesus, true and strong
No other power could ever save us
You are good,    You are good
Mighty Fortress

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