It Is Well With My Soul by Hillsong LIVE

Reuben Morgan —  January 25, 2011

It Is Well With My Soul by Hillsong LIVE

This has been an unforgettable few days in Australia. I guess along with the rest of our nation, my family on holidays, watched horrified at the flood scenes on our TV screens, never imagining we would see this kind of devastation in our own country.

It was an amazing thing to see that our own feelings of wanting to do something, anything to help, were echoed in our church and then right across Australia. Everyone is doing what they can.

As we gathered together as a church last Sunday morning, we began to sing a version of the old hymn “It is Well with My Soul”. This song was originally written by a man after his own family had died in a shipwreck. It’s a song that says – “I will trust in God who is greater than any trial or circumstance”.

In that service last weekend at our Brisbane campus the response was overwhelming, people who themselves and their families have suffered incredible loss, standing together and framing those events with faith and hope.

So it’s been out of that incredible meeting that we began talking about making this song of great hope available to everyone, and to help friends and family who have been affected by the flood. And so came the idea to record the song and have the proceeds go to the flood relief effort in Queensland.

This has been a miracle week in seeing the song come together. The dream was to make it available for this weekend! So we began the journey of seeing if what would normally be a process that can take weeks and weeks could even be possible in a few days. What we were amazed to find is that people all over the world were willing to drop everything and give their time and resources to help…

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This song is available for download on iTunes and all proceeds from this recording go to help the Queensland Flood Relief Effort in Australia.

Reuben Morgan

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Reuben is the worship pastor of Hillsong Church. He is the author of many worship songs like Mighty To Save, Stronger and Lord I Give You My Heart. As a worship leader, he has travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and the US and is spearheading the new Hillsong LIVE tours. Reuben lives with his wife Sarah and their three kids Jones, Ezra, and Imogen in London.