Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman

Josh Pauley —  September 22, 2013

Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman

Your Grace Finds Me is the newest song from Matt Redman and on his new album that released today. It is a song that attempts to celebrate the grace of God that we find in all the different scenarios of our life. His utterly constant, helpful, present grace in our lives. He is there in the light of the sunrise and in the newborn cry. You see Him on your wedding day and in the weeping by the graveside. His grace is the same for the rich and the poor, the saint and the sinner.

In the chorus of Your Grace Finds Me it says, “From creation to the cross, from the cross into eternity, Your grace finds me.” It’s there in the darkest nights of the soul and in the sweetest songs of victory.

We all know this to be true in our lives. There isn’t a time that we haven’t experienced the grace of God in our lives in some way. Whether we were mindful of it or not, it was always there with us. It is always there with us and it will always be there with us.

Your Grace Finds Me tries to recognize that and celebrate that. This song has the power to meet with people who know Jesus and walk with Him closely, but it will also be able to speak into the lives of those who really do not know a lot about Christ. We can’t wait to hear how you use this new song from Matt Redman!

In addition to the Free Lead Sheet, we have created a Free Song Slides pack for you to download and use when leading this song in your church. Don’t forget to check out the live music video for Your Grace Finds Me as well, shot during the LIFT Conference earlier this year!

From the creation to the cross
From the cross into eternity
Your grace finds me, Your grace finds me

Download the Free Lead Sheet, watch the live music video, and let us know how it goes when you lead it in church!

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  1. The song , Your Grace Finds Me , by Matt Redman is great. I love the song because it point to our Lord’s unmerited GRACE. I Just also wanted you to know when I downloaded the free song slides for (Your Grace finds me) Chorus 2 did not download with the song . Thanks for this sight it has help me a lot. excuse any spelling mistakes. AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU!