God Of Brilliant Lights by Aaron Shust

Josh Pauley —  July 16, 2013

God Of Brilliant Lights by Aaron Shust

Scott Cash began writing God Of Brilliant Lights while sitting in his yard one beautiful, sunny afternoon. As he sat there he began to think of the privilege and responsibility we have to be God’s light to the world. In his head, he had an image of God using us to take light and tear through darkness and then see His light flowing throughout the world and spreading love and hope and life to people who haven’t experienced those things.

In the meantime, Aaron Shust was finishing up his album in the studio with Scott’s brother, Ed Cash. Towards the end of the process Ed asked Aaron to listen to one more song and see what he thought. When Aaron heard the song he immediately knew he had to help finish adding the bridge and put it on his record. So that’s what he did…

There are so many places in scripture that talk about Christ being light in the darkness and the light breaking through the darkness. It is an honor to know and be told that God chose His believers to carry His name and love throughout the world so that other’s may know Him and know the life that is found in Him.

God Of Brilliant Lights is a great song that you can use to encourage your church for missions, outreach, and focus them on their everyday calling of being salt and light in the world around them. The world they come in contact with every single day. We hope you like it!

The God of brilliant lights is shining down over us
Breaking through the darkness covering all the earth
Oh, His love is like an ocean
Oh, forever overflowing
The God of brilliant lights is shining over us

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