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Liz Parker —  August 18, 2011

We’re excited to announce a new blog series called “Women in Worship”, which will discuss topics such as leadership, pursuing God-given dreams and stewarding your ministry.  You’ll hear from some of our female worship writers and local worship leaders, as well as women who are successfully walking out the calling of leadership that God has placed on their lives. We hope this will serve as a source of encouragement as you pursue the ministry God has called you to. Our first post comes from Kat Davis, manager to artists such as Audrey Assad, Matt Maher and Sarah Hart.  Kat is also an accomplished author and speaker, and we’re delighted that she will be contributing to our “Women in Worship” series.  We hope you enjoy!

Get in the Game - Kat Davis

Our life aspirations are something we spend a lot of our lives working toward. Diligence, planning and perseverance are necessary; we can’t expect them to just show up because we “trust God will give us the desires of our hearts.” Yes, God gives us the desires of our heart – some say He literally gives them to us, as in, ‘grants us the desires we have;’ some say that He is the one who places the desires in our hearts in the first place. Whichever you believe, or if even you believe both, my opinion is that God also gives us a mind and expects us to use it.

I’ve heard it said, “Don’t make a plan then expect God to bless it.” I agree with this too – God’s not looking for us to make all of the plans and then ask for Him so sprinkle fairy-God-dust on it, making our plans magically take shape. There’s a fine balance that involves God in every step of the process. I’ll use my own personal experience in worship ministry as an example:

I run a company called The Brown Book Agency.  We’re an artist development team and we represent several folks of whom you may be familiar (Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, Sarah Hart and many more); I also author a free, online daily devotional website called The Daily Verse .  Neither of these were things that I decided, one day over 15 years ago, I was going to set out and do. At the same time, I did know that I had the desire to write, speak, teach and encourage – all things I think God uniquely designed me for. All along my journey of life, I did my best to take every opportunity that pointed toward my God-given desires (and even some that didn’t but which I knew were necessary for my education) that came my way, and I made the most of it. I prayed, I listened, I learned, I poured out blood, sweat and tears. I stewarded it to the best of my ability. I certainly didn’t do everything right, and I certainly did (and still do!) make a lot of mistakes, but the one thing I did was I said, “I can’t always explain why or how things happen the way they do, but what I can do and what I do have (some) control over, is how I respond to them and how I steward each and every thing that comes my way. That’s the way I think I can give God the most glory is to steward what only He could have put in my path.

Being a person in worship ministry, or any other form of ministry or business is something that is always going to come with challenges and blessings. You’re going to come up against people who are hard to work with, you’re going to have elements of your job or ministry that you love and then others that you can barely stand to do. You’re going to experience loss and being treated unfairly. You’re also going to experience victory, success and blessing beyond your wildest imagination. You can just stand by and see what God is going to do next, because He will move, with our without your participation; or you can get in the game and play ball.

You can look for where you see Him moving and join Him there. You can feed and encourage the natural gifts and talents that you’ve been uniquely created with. You can foster an environment of discipline and practice so that you hone your gifts, so that you are the best in your area of gifting and expertise. Don’t just stand there, waiting for God to show up and do amazing things. He will, no doubt. But get in the game with Him! Work your fingers to the bone, all along the way, asking for Him to guide, lead, inspire and direct you toward His perfect plan for your life.


Kat Davis runs The Brown Book Agency, an artist & touring development company that is designed to beckon artists’ dreams into existence. Kat also authors a free, online daily devotional at and released her first book, The Daily Verse: Volume 1, in September of 2010. She lives in Nashville, TN with her dog, Molly Pigg and is a regular contributor to Cultivate Her, a place for women to connect, engage and inspire one another.



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Liz has been a member of the Worship Together family since 2004, coordinating logistics for various events and providing social media marketing and content support for Worship Together. Liz grew up singing in church, and has enjoyed many years of serving on the worship team, leading both congregations and small groups.

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  1. Rich Kirkpatrick August 27, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    Excellent! I was looking for something like this when putting my podcast on this subject together at

  2. My 21 yr old daughter has been leading worship over the teens in our church for a while now. She has not received any mentoring nor does she get paid for it. She does it because she loves the Lord and loves worship. This will be a great help for her and give her insight into other women who lead worship and the challenges that face them. She is looking at Belmont in TN is that a good school for worship leadership?

  3. Really great blog this has really encouraged me about the way God is leading my life and the path he is taking me down.
    look forwards to next blog!!!!!!

  4. Really interested to hear from you Kat, and will be checking out your daily devotional too! I totally agree with everything you have said above – brilliant blog so thanks for sharing it!
    Claire from Sutton, UK.