An Ideal Church Guitar Amp

David Gutekunst —  August 17, 2010

An Ideal Church Guitar Amp

Any Electric guitar player will tell you that you can only squeeze the best possible tone out of your amp when the volume is cranked.  You’ll end up with a much punchier and more responsive sound when you do. Sadly this isn’t always viable option for everyone.

As guitar players, I think we’re all aware of the age-old battle of stage volume vs. sound guy. This is especially true at churches.  The average church-goer is simply not used to the amount of rock a cranked AC30 brings.   Think of the blue haired lady in the front row of your 8:00 AM service.  She won’t take kindly to getting blasted in the face with a shredding guitar solo, even if you do sound just like The Edge.

What if there was a way to make both you the guitarist and the sound man happy that didn’t involve a ton of cash or a sacrifice in tone?  Enter Reason Amps.  Reason is a small shop amp company out of St. Louis, MO that really cares about tone and quality and they have recently introduced the Reason Bambino, an 8W amp that is the perfect church amp.

Why is this the perfect church amp?  Historically, there haven’t been many great amps under $1000, much less amps that are versatile and won’t make your ears bleed.  The Bambino has all that.  Powered by an NOS set of 6AQ5s and 3 12AX7s in the preamp, this is an all tube monster in a small package.  With what are essentially three channels, the Bambino gives you a multitude of vintage voicings allowing you to take on anything the modern worship scene throws at you.

So it sounds good, what else?  The amp is portable and incredibly light-weight.  We tried out the head and cab and both can easily be carried in one hand.  Additionally, not only is the amp 8 watts and switchable down to 2 watts, you can run silently via the amps direct out.  The direct out is like none I’ve ever seen before because it simulates the frequency response of a speaker and totally hits the mark.

Check out our rundown of the Bambino below in the Tech Cafe!

If you’re interested in buying a Bambino of your own, check out the Reason website or email them at

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David is the Manager of Interactive Marketing & Strategy at Capitol CMG Publishing and oversees all areas of the online experience for Worship Together. He has been involved in music ministry for over 15 years and serves as a bi-vocational Worship Pastor at Hope Fellowship Church in the Nashville area.

4 responses to An Ideal Church Guitar Amp

  1. this looks like a great amp. also worth checking out is the Carvin V3M.

  2. I really dig the lessons and information you have on your site about guitar amps. Its sites like this that have made consistent musical progress possible for me over my 13 years of playing. Keep it up. IStillGotMyGuitar

  3. @ Malcolm Douglas
    Hey man, try the Zoom G9.2TT. I’ve used one for four years and it’s great in the lower dist. and the louder stuff.

  4. These small tube amps are wonderful if your sound team are happy with mic-ing up your speaker, but mine say this gives them an inconsistent signal. So I am looking for a good modeling pre-amp that will let me create the tones I want and then send it to the sound desk via a DI box. So far what I have found is great on shred but no good at the lower edge of distortion.