A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader

David Gutekunst —  June 7, 2013

A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader

Sunday comes around with alarming regularity. As with any recurring task, it’s important to find a healthy workflow that prevents us from burnout and provides the margin for creativity and spiritual preparation. I like to call it a rhythm.

My church work week begins on Tuesday and ends on Monday. Whether you are full-time, a volunteer, or anything in-between, it’s important to find productivity pockets to work within. Here’s how my week looks:

Tuesday – Confirm Songs & Send ‘Em Out

The earlier in the week that the songs are in the hands of your band, the better.  If you’ve got a weeknight rehearsal, you’ll probably want to get things out a week earlier. Usually I’ve got a good idea of where we’re going with the service, but Tuesday is the day where I nail it down.

Wednesday & Thursday – Personal Rehearsal

Practice. Practice. Practice. This is the time that I spend adding new songs to the rotation, working on song transitions and charting songs I hope to add in the future. Sometimes rehearsal will be easy and other times it will be exhausting. However, it is key that you know the material you are using to lead your congregation in a time of worship.

Friday – Rest

This is my attempt at a day off from my responsibilities as a worship leader. While wrapping up my week at Worship Together, I do my best not to think about church stuff. We all need a margin in our lives, and this is the day I am most intentional about carving out that space.

Saturday – Pray & Prep

Saturdays are pretty sacred for me, and if God is working up something in me to share, it usually surfaces in my devotional time that morning. I try to make sure everything is packed up and ready to go before dinner, and I spend a good bit of the evening thinking through and praying for our services the next morning.

Sunday – Get Up, Go & Enjoy It

Out of bed at 5:30. Coffee and devotion at 6:15. At church by 7. It’s my busiest morning of the week but the most rewarding. I do my best to engage with the congregation both on and off the stage. If they know you, they’ll trust you and let you lead them. After the service, make sure to affirm your team and celebrate the day. Grab some lunch and crash.

Monday – Evaluation

Don’t over-engineer this. Did the new song work? How I can I transition more smoothly? Who’s stepping up and ready to lead? Create a simple way to evaluate the effectiveness of your ministry, and stick to it.

David Gutekunst

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David is the Manager of Interactive Marketing & Strategy at Capitol CMG Publishing and oversees all areas of the online experience for Worship Together. He has been involved in music ministry for over 15 years and serves as a bi-vocational Worship Pastor at Hope Fellowship Church in the Nashville area.

3 responses to A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader

  1. Thanks for this schedule Dave. I think it’s good to space out the sending songs as early as possible.

  2. Kent Shingleton June 11, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    This is excellent! Thanks David for sharing with all of us.

  3. Although many people have a different routine, the most important idea you mentioned was to have a routine. Develop something that works for you and stick to it. I have witnessed worship leaders I have worked under in the past frantic and it is evident that they were not organized and most likely created the worship service 1 or 2 days prior.

    I wish I was able like you to know more than 1 week in advance what our pastor was going to preach on so I could begin the creative process earlier, but my pastor works week by week so I must adjust to his schedule. As long as their is a plan, that is what matters most to me.